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Thursday, September 3, 2015

TV NEWS: Nickelodeon Working To Reboot 'Rugrats, 'Hey Arnold' and More Shows

Is 'Rugrats' and 'Hey Arnold' Coming Back?

The 90's TV trend continues with the recent news of Kel Michell returning to Nickelodeon with a new TV sow called Game Shakers which premieres soon, the network is now considering to reboot its old 90s shows such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold and even recent ones like 'Victorous'

Nickelodeon President Russel Hicks recently told that they thinking about new ideas on how to bring old shows in a 'fresh new way'

 "We are looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way. We are getting ready to bring back some of the ones they’ve told us multiple times they want to have brought back."

'Black Ink Crew' Cast Is Getting A Reunion Show


'Black Ink Crew' Getting A Reunion Show

The 'Black Ink Crew' cast is finally getting their own reunion show which will be airing soon on VH1. cast member Ceaser announced it on his Instagram page 
the other day.   The reunion show will be hosted by Big Tigger who also hosted the LHATL After Party shows

He writes

"TS A WRAP! Make sure you stay tuned for the upcoming @vh1 Black Ink Crew Reunion #BICReunion. Vh-1 number 1 show on tv right now! It was a special night of secrets, intrigue, laughter the whole nine! It was indeed a special night! Be on the look out for some special faces"


Premdonna Explains Why She Wasn't At The LHATL Reunion

Photo/ VH1

What Happened to Premadonna?

You might remember Premadonna who briefly appeared on this season's Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta as a waist trainer. She did an interview with  VH1 explaining why we barely saw her on the and reveals the reason why has did not appear on the reunion show was because there were rumors that Joseline did not want her there. 

"I mean honey, the Tea is, honey, PreMadonna is too much Tea. The pot is overflowing and they don’t wanna deal with that. I have no idea, there’s rumors saying I guess Joseline didn’t want me to come to the reunion, you know Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is her show. That’s what they think on the streets, so I’m not sure because I’m not one to play into rumors. And I had a nice dress for the reunion, maybe honey, maybe that’s why. Maybe they didn’t want me to redeem myself, they wanted the world to remember me for the two little scenes I did have."

Kenya Moore Defends Cynthia Bailey For Kicking Porsha

 "I Believe in Self Defense"

Kenya Moore is responding tot he fight between Cynthia and Porsha during filming of the  8th season of RHOA which resulted in Cynthia kicking Porsha during a boat trip and Porsha ended up hospitalized.

  All About The has obtained a tweet from her in which she later deleted. A fan asked her about the alleged fight asked if she will ' admonish' Cynthia for kicking Porsha. Kenya replied by saying she believes in self defense. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.21.06 AM

In her tweet she shaded Porsha by saying she has a history of violence due the reunion fight between her and Porsha

TMZ is now reporting that Cynthia might face possible demotion status following the incident  similar to what Porsha did to Kenya at the reunion.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Porsha Williams Hospitalized After A Fight With Cynthia Bailey During Season 8 Filming

 Cynthia Kicks Porsha

More drama during the RHOA season 8 filming It has been reported that Cynthia and Porsha got into it during an argument during a boat trip. TMZ  reports the two got into an argument and then  Cynthia proceeded to kick Porsha in the stomach where she ended up hospitalized

"Porsha got in Cynthia's face, and that's when Cynthia exercised self-defense, kicking Porsha in the stomach. Producers came in before Porsha could react and restrained her."

Monday, August 31, 2015

VH1 Releases Promo For New Spin- Off 'Stevie and Joseline'

'Stevie and Joseline' 
VH1 has released the first promo video for Steve J and Joseline's new spin-off shoe 'Stevie and Joseline' which premieres this fall. VH1 aired the promo tonigth during the 'LHATL' reunion show.

In the video it shows Stevie J in LA finding out Joseline is also there!

VH1 Announces 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago".. Watch Trailer

Black Ink Crew: Chicago

VH1 has just announced today a new spin-off show of the 'Black Ink Crew' franchise. This version will be set in Chicago. The cast includes Ryan who is the owner of the tattoo shop name 9Mag 

Here is information on the cast members. The show premieres October 26th

Ryan is the owner of 9Mag, a prominent Chicago tattoo shop. Ryan created 9Mag as a legacy to his late sister and niece. Ryan’s drive and ambition are the strength of 9Mag, and he’ll do whatever he can to keep his family together.
Kat is the hottest female tattoo artist in the Chicago area. She is the “little sister” of the shop and has the guys wrapped around her finger. Phor and Kat flirt shamelessly, but Kat finds it hard to commit because of her ambitious career goals.
Phor is a 9Mag tattoo artist, but his true love lies with music. He burns the candle at both ends, tattooing, spending time in the studio, and, of course, partying with his 9Mag family. He’s quite the ladies’ man, but he has his eye on Kat.
Charmaine is 9Mag’s event planner. Her flirtatious nature creates tension and drama in the shop, especially between Don and his girlfriend, Ashley. But that doesn’t stop Charmaine from tearing it up on AND off the dance floor. This Southern belle is a fireball and definitely knows how to capture a room.
Don is Phor’s little brother, best friend and assistant. Don has a great sense of humor and a big heart. Though he gets into his fair share of trouble, Don tries to maintain his focus so he can provide for his girlfriend, Ashley, and their two year old son, DJ.
Danielle is 9Mag’s “good girl” receptionist who strives to keep it together when things are far from perfect. She is Charmaine’s cousin, and Kat’s former college roommate. While Danielle has her life together, she definitely knows how to throw down and party with the best of them. And, if you mess with her girls, watch out!
Van is Ryan’s former business rival, and got his start tattooing from his mom’s basement. Over time, he developed an incredible reputation as an artist. He took it to another level when he partnered with Ryan, his previous competition. Van is the “big brother” of the group and always tries to hold it down for the 9mag family.

Brandi Maxwell Slams Draya's Apology About Her Cancer Storyline Being Boring

Brandi Fires Back At Draya

Brandi Maxwell is firing at Draya in social media after Draya issued an apology about her cancer storyline being 'boring' for the show. On last night's episode the producers captured footage of Draya telling Brandi that her cancer storyline was boring for a show like 'Basketball Wives: LA'

Draya initially tweeted that the reason why she had a bad attitude was because she was tired of filming the show.

 Draya then explained herself on Insatgram

But Brandi fired back saying the only reason why she is apologizing is because she episode aired. The incident happened back in February.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Social Media Drags K. Michelle After She Says Only Dates Caucasian Men

Twitter Drags K. Michelle

K. Michelle is getting a little of heat after a long post she made on her Instagram pagesaying she wants a Caucasian men and that she really isn't into black men right now. She also goes on to say that she 'now free' and she only listens to country and rock music and wants the urban blogs to stop reporting about her. She also went in on her haters.

Here is part of her message

"I love me a handsome Caucasian man, I’m really not into black men right now. They can date outside their race , so can I!!! Where im from gangstas don’t tweet beef and I actually love the size of my azz. I believe hateful instagram comments are for ugly girls who are losers. I believe I’m not black or white but I’m actually a mermaid. I believe there is no talent required to be in the music industry. I believe the color of my skin shouldn’t determine the genre of my music! I believe it’s ok for me not to give a f**k anymore. I believe I’m supposed to motivate those I can. I believe In the power of a smile."

Here are some Twitter reactions from people


Weekly Recap: Bad Girls Club (Season 14) Episode 03

Photo/ Oxygen

Season 14
Bad Girls Club
Episode 03 RECAP

ThaGhettoView recaps on the episode 03 of Bad Girls Club. The twins celebrate their 21st birthday.

Weekly Recap: Catfish (Season 4)- Episode 19

Photo/ MTV

Season 4
 Episode 19 RECAP

Ashely Miller recaps on episode 19 of Catfish

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 4)- The Reunion PART 1 and 2

Photo/ VH1

Season 4
Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
The Reunion PART 1 and 2 RECAP 

 Ashley Miller recaps on part one of the season 4 reunion of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Someone on Facebook ahs also leaked the part 2 of the reunion show which Ashley Miller also recapped on

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