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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bobby Brown's Family Filming A Reality Show While Bobbi Kristina Still Fights For Her Life

Bobby Brown's Family Shooting Reality Show

Bobby Brown's is following Whitney Houston's family's footsteps and filming their own reality show and they are doing it while Bobbi Kristina still fights for her life after being found unresponsive on Jan 31st. 

It's been said by TMZ that his siblings and their kids are shooting a reality show and they will talk about Bobbi Kristina's current state.  One of his sisters name Leolah was the one blaming ray-J for Whitney's death. His other sister name Tine admitted to do doing crack with Whitney in an interview. 

'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai Posts Heartfelt Message To Her Mother Who Passed Away

Judi Loses Both Parents

Judi has been going through a lot these few months. On Christmas day, she lost her dad, she got in trouble with the police when TMZ leaked that video and today she revealed that she her mother died from lung cancer. She is the only child. I can only imagine what she is going through right now.

On  Instagram she wrote a heartfelt message to her mother.

I love you mom. You were suppose to beat lung cancer. You were suppose to be here to see me get married and meet your grand children. You were suppose to come home to the house you worked so hard for to keep up and to keep a roof over my head whenever I messed up because let's be honest it was all the time. But I knew I had you. Thru thick and thin. I knew all you lived for was me. And honestly, all I lived for was you. I wanted to make you proud. Let you know your ONLY child was ok no matter what state city town. No matter how I was portrayed on TV, you cared. You cared a lot because you knew that was not me. Fuck TV. I don't care. I was there with you in your final months, final days, final hours. In a short period of time I realized what was truly important to me and I am so happy I was there for your final steps into the kingdom of heaven. I want you to be here. But that is selfish. You were in so much pain. So much pain you hid from me. I can only imagine how much more you kept hidden to protect me. I kissed you. I touched you. I felt you. I took your last breath with you. And I promise you, I will not disappoint you. God gave me two strong parents. Two strong successful parents. Not to let me be weak, a failure. But to follow in your footsteps. And I promise Til the death of me anything I do, I will think about you before I do it. You are within me. Every Creole meal, every rose I see, every animal I save, every breath I take... It's for you. I love you so much mommy. Your only child will make you proud. And now I have a bigger calling. And that's making you happy. I love you. And always have. RIP mom. I will finish school, but as of now, not for TV. Now my goal is to find a cure for cancer. And to help others not go thru what I am. I know you are up there with dad, Pansy, your loved ones. I will forever live In your legacy. Thank you for everything mom!!!!!!!!!

She also took a vow to stop smoking and drinking

Monday, March 2, 2015

Evelyn Lozada Reveals She Declined The Offer To Be On 'Basketball Wive: LA" With Shaunie and Tami

Evelyn Won't Be On 'Basketball Wives :LA' 

With news of tami Roman joining Shaunie O' Neal in the upcoming season 4 of 'Basketball Wives: LA' folks have been wondering Evelyn Lozada will also be making an appearance. A fan asked her on twitter and she reveals that she was offered to part of it but declined tweeting "I have a moved on"

Here is her tweet

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What's Trending: Masika Receives Backlash For Sleeping With Justin Bieber

Did Masika Sleep With Justin Beiber?

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Masika Tucker back in media headlines today and this it wasn't about Yung Berg. She posted a photo on Instagram of Justin Bieber laying in bed. It does not sow his face but it did his tattoo with the caption "Happy 21st'. He celebrated his 21st birthday. So my question is, he hit it?

Photo/The Shade Room

She backlash on twitter and this is her response

Weekly Recap: Catfish (Season 4)- Episode 01

Photo/ MTV

Season 4

Episode 01 RECAP

Catfish is back for season 4 which premiered this week.s Ashley Miller recaps on the first episode.

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 5)- Episode 11

Photo/ VH1

Season 5

Mob Wives
Episode 11 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on episode 11 of 'Mob Wives'. Nat D shoes proof to Drita that Natalie G is a 'rat'. Renee gets re-baptized.

Weekly Recap: Black Ink Crew (Season 3)- Episode 05

Photo/ VH1

Season 5
Black Ink Crew
Episode 05 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on episode 05 of 'Black Ink crew' Puma and Ceaser get into it. Dutchess accepts Ceaser's proposal. 

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: NY (Season 5) Episode 10


Season 5
Love and Hip Hop: NY
Episode 10 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on epsiode 1p of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY. Amina leaves to Germany with her daughter. We also get to see Erica Mena's son for the first time. 

Natalie Guercio Says The Audio Recording Of Her Is 'Fake' and Doctored'.. Listen Here

Natalie Guerico Responds To Audio Recording

On the last episode of 'Mob Wives', Natalie D showed evidence to Drita in an audio recording of Natalie Guerico admitting that she was a rat. We did not hear the recording on TV .

In the video you can hear Natalie's voice and a deep voice of a man. In the video she admits to calling the police on him but not because of physical abuse it was because he was cheating on her.

Natalie responded on twitter the other day saying the audio was doctored by Nat D because she wants a spot on the show

Saturday, February 28, 2015

HOT TEA: Former 'Pimp My Ride' Contestants Exposes The Show As Fake and Says The Cars Did Not Work

Was 'Pimp My Ride' Fake?

Do you all remember that MTV show 'Pimp My Ride" It was show about people who got their originary cars a makeover by rapper Xzibit. I thought the show was cool but did you ever thought whatever happened to those cars? Well, according Huffington Post, the site spoke to three former contestants. One contestant name Justin Dearinger revealed on Reddit that his car burned down due to wiring errors

He uploaded a youtube video showing the car burning down

Another contestant told Huffington Post that he had a hard time time driving the car home.
The producers also told one contestant to dump his girlfriend for a storyline the they re-shot their reactions.

"Less real was the famous freakouts of contestants jumping up and down when their pimped out car was revealed. All contestants spoken to ended up having to do multiple takes of their reaction, with Justin Dearinger explaining, "I guess I didn't show enough enthusiasm." The director specifically told him to "be more energetic and jump around and scream."

You can read the entire interview here

Friday, February 27, 2015

CELEB: Monique Reveals She Was Originally Offered The Role Of Cookie In 'Empire'

"I Was Supposed to Play Cookie"

In celebrity news, Oscar winner and comedian, Monique, is firing back at Lee Daniels after he said the reason why she blackballed after her Oscar win in 2010 was because she 'did not play the game' meaning she was difficult to work with. She reveals in a exclusive interview with Inside Edition revealing that she was offered the tole of Cookie is new FOX hit show 'Empire'. She was even given the script for role as well.  The role went actress Taraj B Henson.

"Maybe four days had gone by, and I hadn't heard anything. So I'm trying to reach out to him to say, what time do I need to be in? Where do I need to be? When he finally returned the call, he says listen, the executives at Fox said that you're difficult."

Sheree Fletcher Confirms 'Hollywood Exes' Has Been Cancelled

'Hollywood Exes' Cancelled

Another VH1 reality show has bite the dust. Sheree Fletcher has confirmed in an in interview with HipHollywood that the show will NOT be coming back for another season . She says that she found out about the show being cancelled back in December.  She did revealed that she will working on other projects with some of the castmembers. 

'Hollywood Exes' ran for three seasons.

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