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Monday, October 20, 2014

Benzino Claims Stevie and Joseline Is Trying To Get Him Fired From 'LHHATL'

The beef between Stevie J and Benzino is still going on and now Benzino has claimed on his Instagram page that him and Joseline are trying to convince Mona Scott Young to get ride of him and Althea for the next season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. 

Thanks to they screened his Instagram messages before he deleted it.

In his message he says:

benzino instagram

Benzino is also trying to convince Mona Scott Young to make Althea a paid cast member next season. 

GOSSIP: Is Joseline's Pregnancy A Hoax?!

Is Her Pregnancy a Publicity Stunt?

Some people are still skeptical about Joseline being pregnant. Last week, Stevie J announced in a radio interview they expecting a new addition in the family and then a few days later the couple was seen at a event in Atlanta and Stevie J was rubbing her belly which some people thought looked staged because she did not look really pregnant.  Well a new insider told Sandra Rose that her 'pregnancy' is publicity stunt to keep the couple relevant and it was set up by producer Mona Scott Young. 

I guess we will just have to and see if she shows a birth certificate. People already know their marriage is fake when they did show proof during the reunion show

Do you think she is pregnant?

MUSIC: Momma Dee Releases 'I Deserve' Music Video.. WATCH HERE!

'I Deserve' Music Video

Out favorite 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta mom, Momma Dee, has releases her official music video for her song 'I Deserve' which also features Lil scrappy and his daughter.

Watch here.

MUSIC: Gwen Stefani Releases New Single 'Baby Don't Lie'.. LISTEN HERE!

Gwen Stefani Releases New Song

Gwen Stefani is back! She officially releases her comeback single 'Baby Don't Lie' which will be off of her upcoming 3rd studio solo album. The song is produced by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder and it has a reggae feel to it.

What do you think about the song?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekly Recap: Bad Girls Club: Redemption (Season 13)- Episode 02

Season 13

Bad Girls Club: Redemption
Episode 02

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of 'Bad Girls Club: Redemption. Laura Baron is back and the girls share their personal issues. 

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood (Season 1)- Episode 04

Season 6

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood
Episode 04 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood'. 

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of New Jersey (Season 6)- Episode 13

Season 6

Real Housewives Of New Jersey
Episode 13 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Saturday, October 18, 2014

'American Idol' Contestant Dies Of Cancer At 32

Joanee Borgella Dies At 32

American Idol contestant Joanne Borgella has passed away early today at the age of 32 from a very rare form of cancer. TMZ reports she had endometrial cancer which attacks which attacks 'the lining of the womb.

Her family released an official statement of Facebook.

She appeared the 8th season of American and the second contestant from the show to die this year. Back in August, American Idol finalist John Michaels also passed away

Jackie Christie Confirms 'Basketball Wives:LA' Season 4 Starts Production Soon

Season 4 Coming Soon

It looks we will be seeing more crazy Jackie on out TV screens again. She has confirmed to HipHollywood that season 4 of Basketball Wives: LA should be starting production soon. In the video below, she tells them that they should be getting back to work soon. No word yet if there will be new cast members in the new season. The new comers last season who are Brittish, Sundy, Brandi have said that they will return as well as Malayshia. Draya, I'm not too sure. 

The potential story lines I could see happening are: Brandi's husband cheating on her divorce, The Jackie topless photo leak, Brittish getting married and Malaysia's post divorce.

Watch video:

Real From 'I Love New York' Cancer Comes Back and Spreads

Real's Cancer Comes Back

'I Love New York' star Real (Ahmad Givens) has faced a major setback recently as his cancer came back and it spread to his lungs and liver. Over a year ago, it was initially reported that he had stage colon cancer but the doctors misdiagnosed him and found out he had rectal cancer.  His brother Chance told TMZ that he recently underwent surgery 'to implant a port that will administer  his chemo

He wrote a message on his Instagram with a video saying' he finished up radiation".

Let's pray for Real!

"Just finished up radiation for the cerebellum and headed home.My head is killing me so I need rest.Thanks for your prayers and love from everyone.Special thanks to my bro Kamal this morning"

Claudette Ortiz Fired From R&B Divas: LA For Making Diva Demands?

Claudette Rumored To Be Fired

Funky Dineva exclusively reports that former City High member Claudette Ortiz might be fired from the upcoming 3rd season of R&B Divas: LA. Now, I don't watch this show because I have OWN but I know who she is and it's been said that the reason why she is getting fired is because of her diva demands on set. 

from Funky Dineva

"The word on the curb is that Claudette get let go because she was making extra demands without realizing she was hanging on by a wing and a prayer , and was the most boring cast member on the show.  The Powers that be were somewhat insulted, and told Ortiz and her demands to take a long walk off a short pier. It’s rumored that Claudette was asking for an increased styling allowance and other miscellaneous superficial request"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

VIDEO: VH1 Catches Up With New York!.. Still Looking For Love

New York Wants 'Realness' Back

VH1 catches with Miss Tiffany Pollard a.k.a New york.. the one who started it all. She reveals that reality tv nowadays is 'watered down' and 'too serious' and wants to bring the realness back. She also reveals that she sill thinks Flavor Flav is hot and talks about the 'big butt' trend.

Watch video

Get More: 

She is also still looking for love and went around in the streets of NY looking for men.

Get More: 

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