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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CELEB: Lil Kim Says K. Michelle Is A 'Bag Of Trail Mix' I Breakfast Club Interview

Lil Kim Talks K. Michelle and Nicki Minaj Beef

They say they are two sides the story. Two weeks, K. Michelle was at the Breakfast Cub talking about her drama with Lil Kim in her interview. Now it's Lil Kim's turn. She describes K. Michelle is a 'bag of trail mix' meaning that she is nuts. Lil Kim also says she only met her once and denies that she the godmother of her baby. During the VMA twitter drama, Lil Kim says K. Michelle should have called her to about her fans attacking her. 

She also talked about the Nicki Minaj beef and says she started it with 'Queen B" line in the Flawless remix with Beyonce. She says their beef is much deeper. 

She also reveals she supports Deb Antey No RIP movement

Watch here

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jackie Christie Reveals Her Leaked Topless Photo Almost Ended Her Marriage

Jackie Speaks On Topless Photo

'Basketball Wives: LA' star  Jackie Christie is finally speaking out about that topless photo of her that leaked out on Instagram back in June which people have accused her leaking t out herself.  She now reveals to TMZ in a video that Doug ALMOST LEFT  HER for leaking the topless photo. She admits them she was responsible for the picture being leaked out but also said it was 'an accident' .She said a girl screen shot her pic and send to the blogs. 

Watch her video explaining it here

Do you believe her?

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Rapper Mally Mall Investigated For Human Trafficking

Mally Mall Investigated

Reports have come out today that 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' rapper Mally Mall is being investigated for human trafficking. It's been said that his Las Vegas home is an escort service. 

Las Vegas Journal reports

Agents assigned to the FBI’s public corruption squad in Las Vegas, which also investigates civil rights violations, simultaneously executed search warrants at Mall’s 4311 E. Oquendo Road home and his escort service, Las Vegas Concierge, at 6207 Dean Martin Dr. The company was incorporated in December 2012, records show.

Mally Mall was not home at the time the FBI raided his home, he was filming 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood but he did tweet about it.

MUSIC: Fergie Debuts New Single "L.A Love" (La La La).. Listen Here!

Fergie's New Single

Fergie of the Black Eye Peas has released her solo comeback single 'LA Love' (La La La) the other day which will be on her first upcoming solo album in 8 years since 'The Dutchess'.

The song is a grower, but I think the song needs a rapper. The song will impact radio on September 30th

Listen Here. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Female Wrestler Thea Trinidad Joins 'Love and Hip Hop' NY: Cast

Thea Trinidad Joins Cast

It looks like Erica Mena might finally meet her MATCH. Female wrestler Thea Trinidad is joining the season 5 cast 'Love and Hop Hop: NY.  Dairy Of A Street King reports she is Rich Dollaz' new girlfriend and they already filmed scenes together. Which makes sense since Erica Mena has moved on to Bow Wow. 

She is also a latina and made her wrestling debut as Divina Fly

'Bad Girls Club' Star Kendra James Gets Baptized

Former 'Bad Girls Club' star Kendra James had her 'Bad Girls Club' Redemption today... getting baptized! She posted video on Instagram 
showing her getting baptized today.

She writes: "It's a BIG day for me!! I share it with you because that's the reason you follow me... To see what I'm up to�� so happy to have many of my friends and family there to share in the experience." also explains why the former bad girl decided to get baptized

 "There was something more that I wanted to do. I eventually wanted to be a positive influence … When I was traveling, I would hear a lot of young girls saying ‘I wanna be like you. I wanna be on TV.’ It was just really weighing on me, because that’s not what my goal was. And I don’t think it’s attractive or cute to idolize this stuff that happens on these reality shows. But it’s more extreme when I hear it from young girls and young women who don’t see another option. How can I change and be someone they can look up to if I don’t really do the work to do it? Now, I can read all of the self-help books I want, and I can try to make some changes, but I felt that realigning with the bible and realigning with church was going to be the path I wanted to get on."

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip hop: Hollywood (Season 1) Episode 02

Season 1

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood
Episode 02 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on this week's episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. We get introduced to more people.

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of New Jersey (Season 6)- Episode 10

Season 6

Real Housewives Of New Jersey
Episode 10 RECAP

Ashley recaps on this week's episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey. Joe and Teresa try to downsize after their legal troubles. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Porsha Williams Has A Nigerian Sugar Daddy Who Is Married!

Porsha Has A Sugar Daddy?

It looks like Porsha's storyline this upcoming season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is her having a Nigerian sugar daddy! All About The Tea exclusively reports that her sugar daddy is name Bashorun Jide Omokore and he the CEO of two oil companies. The site also reports that he gave her a half million dollar car and that he is MARRIED. His wife is name Angella Ebagua and she is a bank executive. It's been said that she does NOT like Porsha and she would beat her ass if she came to Nigeria. 

What do you think about this?

Friday, September 26, 2014

K. Michelle. "I Never Lied About Domestic Abuse".. More Here

K. Michelle took to her Instagram page to respond to reports from Bossip that came out today which showed documents of K. Michelle answering questions about her domestic abuse from her ex boyfriend Memphitz from attorneys. She admits that he never punched her but did hit her with a water bottle and had carpet burns.

Now people on social media are accusing her of lying, but she has fired back on Instagram that she NEVER lied about her domestic and that this is another way of silencing her from what happened.

"I'm a lot of things but a liar I'm not. For over five years I've been told to be quiet about my life of abuse. And I refused and still refuse to be silenced. I was not punched in the isolated assault and never claimed to be. But what I was, was drug across the room and smothered with a towel, loosing conscience to the point of a black out. And having to fight my way out the room screaming for help. I almost lost my life.NO FORM of violence is acceptable, especially if I wasn't hitting or being the aggressor. I have NEVER lied about this. This is another attempt to silence me and another form of abuse. An attempt to gain media attention for the other party who is seeking money (because they have no form of income), and fame. The REAL and OFFICIAL Court documents are on Karen Civil. The truth is clearly stated in these documents. I will not give them what they want, which is time, energy and ATTENTION. No woman should ever go through this. The Truth is in the papers. I won't act as a victim, but a survivor!!!!"

GOSSIP: Nene Leakes Rumored To Replace Joan Rivers In 'Fashion Police'

Nene Leakes To Replace Joan Rivers?

Could Nene Leakes replace Joan Rivers In Fashion Police? Perez Hilton exclusively reports that her and Kathy Griffin are top front runners to replace Joan Rivers, who died dearly this month from complication of a routine procedure, on Fashion Police which returns this January. Other sources say Nene Leakes is being considered because producers want to DIVERSE the panel. Another African-American female choice is Tya Banks, which I think would a terrible pick.

Do you think someone should replace Joan Rivers or go on the show without a replacement?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

PICS: Natalie Nunn On Set Filming New Season Of 'Marriage Bootcamp'

Natalie Nunn On Set

Natalie Nunn is on set filming the second season of WeTV's show 'Marriage Bootcamp: Celebrity Edition with her husband Jacob Payne. She posted these pics on her twitter page. They both appeared on WeTV before last year on Bridzillas and this also the second Bad Girls Club star to appear on the show. Last season, Tanisha and Clide also appeared Marriage Bootcamp.

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